Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eleven years in the making

Eleven years ago last night, I was blessed with one of the most wonderful blessings I will ever be given. I gave birth to a little boy who came to me wrapped in the wings of an Angel. A little boy who's entrance into the world was very surreal and terrifying. A little boy who we were told might not make it through the night and if he did there was "no guarantee what his future would hold..."

What we have 11 years later is the smartest, sweetest, most genuine young man that I have ever known. More proof that Doctors are only human and not in control of Gods plan and another reminder for me that God does have a plan for us from day one. A beautiful boy who's blue eyes show a wise man destined for greatness inside of a sweet little boy.

So sweet and sincere, he will make a wonderful husband and will without a doubt put his wife on a thrown and LOVE her genuinely and sincerely.

I honestly could go on and on about this young man, I gush about him frequently. His genuine interest in learning, his love of reading and respect of nature are admirable. His compassion for people and desire to help those in need is breathtaking. His brain all filled with facts is mesmerizing! His dry sense of humor, hysterical!

Most days I can't believe that I helped to create and gave birth to this little man, but every day I am reminded how thankful I am to God for this little angel.

Happy Birthday Jacob, Your momma loves you!

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{april kennedy} said...

Heather...I love your blog. I have loved every post I have read. Thank you for sharing your blog with me and I look forward to spending time on your other one.

Your words of encouragment through your comment on my blog were touching and appreciated. I will be visit here!

And I love that NieNie print too. Do you think two prints in my home would be "stalkish"?