Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy "YOU" Year!

In the words of m y 7 year old "Superman"...."Happy You Year"! This little guy is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met in my life. He has faced many, many challenges and struggled with many health challenges throughout his life, and still thinks about all of those that love him! As his sweet little lips puckered up for my first New Years kiss, he uttered those words...."Happy You Year to you mom!". All I can think, is....all to you year baby! All to you!!!

I hope everyone has a "Happy You Year"! Love on the ones you Love!!! Kiss them, hug them, and Create a moment in time with them!

Hayden is the third of our four children, and he has suffered with health problems (that is our lame little scaled down version of things) since he was very young. You will read about our frequent "road trips" as we continue to travel to one of the best Health care facilities in the Nation. I am always putting things together for him, to keep him (and myself) occupied while we wait. Lots of craft time!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ahhh...I can breath again!

OK....Do you ever get overwhelmed with your craft space??? You know when the piles of "projects" are starting to take over?? I do...I have been working in Chaos for the past two months! It was getting so bad that I actually moved what I was working on downstairs to the rest of the any good crafter would do....I was feeling pretty overwhelmed so I packed up a few essentials and moved my project downstairs to the dining room. LOL!!! I have been sewing and...sewing, and bow making downstairs for the past 2 months. I had the "plan" to start with a declutter/cleansing after the first of the year....but got inspired a little ahead of time by a fellow internet buddy ~PS: my husband says he loves you right now...he can walk into the office and get to the computer without having to balance on one foot while maneuvering to the computer! It has taken a few solid days of work ...I am only going to show after pictures...I would feel like I am standing here nakey' as my kids would say, if you were to see the before and I just can't let that would traumatize us both!!!!! It was bad in a craft addicted/shopaholic had exploded!

There are still a few things that need to be done, but for the first time in 2 months I feel like I can breathe in here and I COMPLETED a pretty project at the end of my evening!! And a SUPER BONUS with 11 year old came in and joined me and we had some great mommy/daughter time....aside from her incessant humming it was great!! That darn High School Musical is like my Nemesis these days!!! And my poor baby girl....received her first major craft injury tonight!!! Cut right into her thumb with a brand new pair of my fabric scissors!!! No blood on her fabric that she was working on...bonus!!!

This was a "poor mans re-do"...I used only what I already had at my house, refused to buy any more containers!! Plus, sadly...I was able to reorganize the craft studio and office WITHOUT having to buy anything! lol! Ok, lets take a look....

This is the "after" of the ribbon Closet. I also have a "fabric" closet. I will show those another day. The boxes on the top shelf hold my beading supplies, I don't bead that frequently so they are higher than my vision line :) Every attempt to keep focused!

The 8 white boxes hold multiple different colors and styles of ribbons. I broke them down like this: Red/Pink ~ Yellow/Green ~ Blue/Purple ~ Black ~ White/Tan & Brown ~ Satin/Sheer ~ 1/8-1/4" all types ~ Corkers

The next set of from a collection of "mailing" boxes...get my drift??? The idea to use them came from an internet buddy, she cut a slit in the side for the ribbon to pass through. I covered them and cut the top flaps off, then put the ribbons in and used some Scrapbooking supplies to make the fronts prettier.

The tall clear containers have polkadots and stripes in them.

This is my "eye candy" shelf. I NEED to see things to be inspired by them. If it is hiding in a box, forget about it - because I forget that it is there!!

Over on the other side is the fabric closet and in between the two are two lower cabinets. I used them to hold my shipping and bow making supplies as well as the bulkier fabrics. I used pretty glasses to hold my pens, tags and chalk for my bulletin board. I will try to post 360 degree pictures...but again, that computer savvy!!

I also have a fun story to share with you about my trip to the fabric store today (well, actually now it is "yesterday's" story)! Off to bed ~ Put the craft tools down and get some sleep!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome, Check in, Chit Chat, and Enjoy the Crazy!

I must admit, I am not quite as tired as I thought I would be today after staying up till the wee hours of the morning.....but it is still early in the day. Well the baby is taking a nap, the other three have stopped running around like wild monkeys and I am creatively avoiding doing some long overdue housework. My husband has three pairs of clean underwear, I know this because I made sure that at least one load of laundry last night contained them, so I am good for at least another day or two! I have been working diligently on my craft/office/creating space for the past several days. I will post some before and after pictures later....the before pictures are REALLY SCARY!! So hang tight to your seat!!!

I must give credit where credit is due....I was inspired by an online buddy who sent out some pictures of her craft space and the organizing project she was starting.....when you see my "before" pictures you'll understand why I needed some inspiration!!

I am pretty novice to this "blogging" thing so it might take me a while to get all the pictures editing and lingo down, but I promise that it will be fun watching me try to figure it out as we (I) go along!!!

Off to make some coffee and finish a quick project!

Life after Christmas...and BEFORE the New Year!

Seriously....what am I doing awake?? It is after 3am over here on the East Coast...and honestly I don't know if anyone is ever going to read this!! Oh Well, here goes...

So..that Wonderful, Beautiful CRAZY holiday is OVER...admit it, your a little excited and a little sad!! The next "holiday" is fast approaching...New Years is only a few days away! And with New Years comes new hopes, dreams, and aspirations....ok, lets get real....our hopes and dreams (at least mine) are for a "clean house" (whatever that is with four kids running wild) no "laundry piles" and dinner to be made in advance of the 4 o'clock crazy (you know when the kids get home, the bookbags explode, and the whining begins) just to name a few. Of course there is always the constant wish for happy healthy kids and hubbies!! So, what are your "plans" for this New Year?

For New Years this year I have committed to getting back into Life, being organized and ready for what Life has to bring !Enjoying what Life has to bring, but me being in charge of it as opposed to just standing there with a catchers mit on, so to speak, waiting to catch whatever is thrown at us!! I also plan to have a few parties, make some new friends, complete a Scrapbook, enjoy watching my kids grow and HOPEFULLY watching them do it Healthy and with Great Enthusiasm !!! And basicall Love On the ones I Love!!

Right now, I am knee deep in a "Craft/Office" Reorganization project, that seems to have spilled over into the rest of the house....see it's the ADD kicking in again, start in one area and then gradually start in another area BEFORE I finished with the first!!! AAGHHH

I don't know if there is anyone out there reading this, if not I am just talking to myself! And, unfortunately it won't be the first or last time! But, I started this blog to share some of my ideas that run amuck in my brain. Some for crafty-crazies like myself and some for Life, the one we are trying successfully to get through....dinner, time management (and if your one of my close girlfriends don't fall out of your chair laughing right know that I am perfectly capable of making a is sticking to it that is the problem!!! )
If your wondering who I am, check out my Profile ~ I will bet you will find we have something in common! I would love to hear from you and I look forward to sharing with you!