Monday, August 31, 2009

Time with my girls

Weekends are not what they used to be around here, not quite as slow paced anymore. This past Sunday I made a break in our hectic times and just sat on the back porch with the girls going through bags and boxes of buttons that I have collected along the way. I had pulled out a few of my fancier buttons last week for a girlfriends birthday present and had been itching to dig into them since then.

When I was a little girl my grandmother would let me go through her buttons while she sewed. She had the most beautiful buttons! Her favorite Uncle was a tailor and had the most amazing collection of buttons. He passed it on to her and she passed her love of buttons on to me!

I never thought when I was a little girl that I would be able to pass along my love of buttons to my little girls and yet I think that I have without even planning on it. The same way my grandmother passed it on to me.

I also discovered that this separated dish made a great organizing box for my buttons! We were working on filling it up when I took the pictures....there are three large bags under the table we are working on.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake

I started my day out making Fried Chicken and Chocolate cake for my grandfather at 6:30 AM today. I have to say that was a first....never had my house filled with those two smells so early in the morning. It was all for a great man and I was happy to do it, I hope that he enjoyed it.

It was one of those meals that is made with heart and soul, and makes you feel good cooking for someone else. I am sitting here reading the blogs of some of my favorite ladies and thinking how much I would like to have dinner with them and eat food prepared from our heart and souls. Reading blogs can give you a peak into the lives of so many - and the ones that I favor really do share their souls with you, sometimes without realizing it....I feel so connected to them without even knowing them. I end my day with these women almost 7 days a week!

I decided that I want to sit around my table filled with candles and the beautiful faces of my blog favorites and share Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake with them. I assume that these women are all beautiful because they have such amazing, beautiful spirits. I want to hear laughter and wisdom filling the air around us and soak up every minute of it!

Anyone who knows me also knows that half the fun of this would be planning the entire evening. The menu, the table scape, the invitation, everything! Obviously it is time for me to get some sleep because I am dreaming with my eyes wide open here, this dinner party can only happen in my dreams.

Good night all I have got a party to plan!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mopey Dopey...

Do you ever have a day where you could cry if you gave yourself five minutes to stop and take in your surroundings?

That kind of day when nothing in particular goes wrong, but your just a bit sad?

I don't like being mopey and I certainly don't do it "in public", and yet here I am telling the world that I am sad...for no reason other than I am.

I love my kids, I love my husband, I love my job....I think I am just a tiny bit overwhelmed. I am going to go pull myself together.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another round..

Yesterday, I made another go-around and turned a year older. Last year I had the most WONDERFUL birthday EVER! Literally, it was simple and sweet and exactly what I wanted. I thought it was the husband even had a fancy custom cake made for me that replicated a coffee cup with our shop's logo on it. It was so cute!

August 2008 Birthday

This year was very similar. Not quite as peaceful, but just as simple....My husband surprised me with all sorts of little things that I had mentioned along the way - because I never officially "ask" for any. I don't like that!!... So all my little statements like..."if anyone ever really wants to buy me something, buy me some new dishtowels......" or ..."I really need to buy a blender so I can make smoothies before I go to the shop..." ... and "I really like this magazine, I would love a subscription some time..."

So my presents consisted of a subscription to Clean Eating magazine! YEAH!!! New dishtowels, a new blender and one of the best......a new wedding ring! Not an official wedding ring, not a flashy big Cha-Cha ring....but a beautiful hammered sterling silver band with the word Love engraved on the front. You can see it is called the "Love Triumphant" ring. The little card that comes with the ring made me a little teary eyed....

My daughter and brother made me this very lovely cake...isn't it beautiful?!?! It was barely edible....heaven help me if she ever reads this...Honey, it was a lovely thought, and very pretty...mommy just needed a bigger glass of water...or maybe some milk!.... but honestly it was one of those moments when we ONLY stomach it because one of our children made it!

But, the BEST of the BEST....I was given the gift of four beautiful children and a husband who truly loves me. I have made many a wish for frivolous things in my younger days, but now when I make my wish and blow out the candles - I wish for the REALLY BIG Things, like......
That this man makes it home to me every night....

That they only know the best of Life...and all their dreams come true...

And, that he NEVER has to feel another day of discomfort or pain again. He has been through enough for all of us.....

Happy Birthday all you August babies!! Enjoy it however it comes to you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


This past week I spent 5 days with my oldest and best friend. She lives 3000 miles away and even though we didn't meet until we were 17 and 18 I feel like I have spent every day since childhood with her. We live so far away that we aren't able to be a part of each others every day life, but I always feel like we just spent yesterday together, even when 8 long years have past.

So much has taken place since we last lived near one another....we have gotten married, had babies, had drama and trauma and still I feel as connected to her as I did when I lived right down the street from her.

I moved to California when I was 17 years old, 3000 miles away from everything that I had ever known and loved, moved in with a bunch of strangers that were supposed to be family and met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known.

We don't even remember the actual moment that we met...we just know that we connected and became fast friends. It was the beginning of a great friendship. Her family was my surrogate when I needed one, her shoulder was there when I needed to shed a tear, and believe me there were quite a few shed.

Not only do I love her, but I absolutely love her family ....probably more than my own (pre husband and kids)....I sucked in her family like they were my oxygen. Her mother and father whether they realized it or not, were like parents to me when I felt I had none. Her older sisters, who were building their families when we were in high school, were always accepting and loving. Her younger sister was an adorable reminder of my younger brother , and her younger brother is hysterical! He always makes me laugh and smile! I love them all!

She is the Godmother of my oldest daughter and if God were to take me tomorrow and she needed to step up and take my daughter, I know that she could raise her to be a strong, independent, smart beautiful woman that I would be proud of. I have never once thought twice about it....

So the last 5 days filled me with a TON of memories, both new and old.....and Carne Asada...I am pretty sure that I gained 10 pounds. My heart is overflowing with my love for her, my gratitude of friendship from her. Filled with renewed love for her family, and new love for her beautiful little boys that I finally had the pleasure of meeting. Filled FULL of experience with her friends that get to spend daily life with her, and new memories from our time together this visit. I left California with a FULL heart and a full belly.....the best combination! My soul was completely nourished!!!

I will never be able to fully express my feelings of love and gratitude to my best friend....and I almost believe that I don't need to because she already knows....

I love you....and you know it.....just don't forget me......