Friday, January 22, 2010

January and June are months of superior blessings for me...those are the months that all four of my children were born in.
Today I give you the second birthday post of the week....

Jacob had a very low key birthday yesterday. We had his favorite dinner of homemade tacos, a delicious chocolate cake made by his brother and even accepted an "I.O.U" instead of any actual presents. (NO, I am not a horrible forgetful mother...the Lego store was out of the specific Lego set he wanted so we are waiting for it to come in...we're on the list OK..)

Last year I posted about how blessed I was to be given this little angel of a child and this year he showed his halo and all his little guardian angels were right there with him....don't believe me? Check out this picture....

I have a very good girlfriend who believes that the little specks of light that show up in your pictures are little spirits or orbs... I have to say that in moments like this, how can you deny that theory?? As you can see, my beloved boy is wearing his halo and all his little guardian angels are right there with him.

Happy Birthday Jacob....mommy loves you!

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