Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sparkly but Frigid

Thursday we went to the Dr's for Jacob...he has been having a continuous asthma attack since Tuesday. NO fun! In the words of the Dr....this "Frigid" air and the dry heat of the houses and stores (or the gym in his case) has brought it on. I am hoping that he starts to feel and look a little better soon.

It has been so Frigid all week that my car battery has decided that it doesn't want to work anymore...thanks!

But....we got the most beautiful Sparkly Snowfall on Thursday night. It was beautiful on Friday morning!! The trees were covered with just the right amount of snow that when the sun hit them the glistened. That is the vision of winter that I want remember!

Almost made the car not starting for the 5th time this week OK...not quite, but almost!

I have gotten quite a bit done on a sweater that I have decided to make for Lily. I think she will be able to wear it before the end of the long as it stays Frigid!

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