Friday, February 29, 2008

Extra day???

A WHOLE extra day...really??? What will I ever do with so much "extra" time on my hands?? I am sure that I will get soooo much done today with a WHOLE extra day....sense my sarcasm, won't you?!?!?! Did you do anything fun today??? I spent my "whole extra day" doing our taxes..NOTE TO SELF: put all the receipts away each and every month this year!!

Now during all of this fun tax prep time, I did "rediscover" a little tidbit of information that as a mom of four I can't believe had slipped out of the memory bank....When a small child is QUIET - it only means BAD THINGS!! So another NOTE TO SELF: Put the syrup on a higher shelf!! Yep, that is right...quiet two year old = syrup river in the hallway!! Thank You!!!

After being a little "taxed" today, I decided to take a break and stalk, ooops I meant READ some of my favorite blogs..I do love to visit my blog friends...they don't know it yet, but we are friends. LOL!!! So in an attempt to get a little computer time and keep an eye on the two year old, I am sitting here having lotion - that for some reason smells like beer and bbq sauce - slathered all over my legs!!! She has a new obsession with lotion! Where is the baby lotion when you need it..she found the lotion leftover from the recent hospital stay, yuck! The things we will do for a little time on the computer!! Geesh!!

Well, little L has run out of lotion which means I have run out of time! I hope that you find some FUN in your extra day...and thanks for checking in. I promise to have some cute little crafty creation to share with you soon. That darn hospital sucked the crafty right out of me, but I am getting back in the groove!!! I have found some BEA-U-TIFUL fabrics that I am drooling over! I can't wait to get my little hands on them!! OOHHH OOOHHH I also have some nifty new little finds to show you....went in search of some vintage fabrics....can'Check Spellingt wait to turn them into something - and bonus, they were FREE!! And I have been storing away some new scrapbooking ideas to play with...had time to "dream" up some new album ideas while we were away. I really have to go! She is starting to throw things at me :) Enjoy what is left of your extra day - Get an extra cuddle in with your loved ones- watch a movie - play a game - Be Creative and enjoy each other!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Too Cute!

Isn't she TOO CUTE with her cute little smile and crinkled nose!! Oh, to be two and ENJOY even the simplest thing like getting your picture taken! I love it..! And look at that crazy hair!!! Would you ever smile so cute for a picture if YOUR hair looked like that???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Oh, how sweet it, not a box of candy or chocolates, but the sweet little Kiss from my little guy! I only have one close to me right now...darn hospital...but all my other's will get GREAT BIG LOVE from mommy when I get home!!!

We/I made some cute little construction paper Valentines today! I wish I could show them to you...but since you can't see my primitive/childish valentines, check out this beautiful Vintage valentine from a Blog I like to visit. You just have to scroll down a bit to see them. Very pretty!!! And look at these adorable CUPCAKES I found....these are right up our alley....they aren't edible, but they sure are pretty!!!!! I need to find some for Valentines...although the baby will more than likely try to eat them!
I have found some really cute things on some of my favorite blogs this one, I love this challenge of "Scrap your Crap". I love it...especially since I am a total hoarder with paper, fabric, name it...I am always drooling over my stash and not wanting to use it!!!
And of course I got a few chuckles - no more than a few chuckles from one of my new favorite blogs...check it out. Even the name will make you chuckle...."Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper" .
I mean seriously, she cracks me up!!!
I LOVE this particular blog....I feel like a bit of a stalker I love her blog so much....and again...the name...gotta love it..."Angry Chicken" oooh, and check out her friends AWESOME apron pattern, here...
You might be wondering why so many links and no "real" pictures???? Because this crazy server won't let me pull up any pictures!!!!
Enjoy!! And go create something in your crazy life! Heather

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another day in Paradise...

We are still sitting in the hospital, things are looking up but still not 100%. I am idlely cutting and pasting old fashioned Valentines Cards for my loved ones!! Construction paper, scissors and crayons....who needs all the fancy smanshy tools & cardstock!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my cardstock...almost as much as I love my fabric!! But when you have only the primitives to work with - you make do!!

AND...If I may stand on my ever so small "soap box" for a minute...why can't SOMEONE make a cute little Valentine treat for kids that isn't attached to some empty calorie, crappy piece of candy or chocolate??? NOW I do realize that Candy goes with the season....but give me a break!! There are tons of kids in this world who can't eat "candy & treats". Why are there so many holidays that revolve around 5 pound bags of chocolate & sugar filled whatevers??? I am sorry...the sleep deprivation and stress caught up to me...maybe none of this makes sense, but after hustling my heiny two blocks down the street in a city I really don't know to find some sort of little "pick me up" for my beautiful boy - because this awesome Childrens Hospital doesn't have a gift shop????? - I couldn't find one thing to bring him back that wasn't related to candy or food!! It was really irritating!! Ok....sorry...I am done now.

I would love to show you my accordian style heart card with all the different reasons I love my little guy listed on each heart...but who brings all their technical gadgets along for the ride when your going for a little "procedure"??? Oh...wait!!! I just rememberd that my "guy" brought a camera with him to document this trip to the hospital and all the cool stuff in the City he sees on our way here!! Yeah...I will take pictures and post them later!!

I am hoping that he will feel up to doing Art Therapy tomorrow. Maybe with some convincing he will make a keepsake for his scrapbook.

Look what I found....a little "Blog Party" Yeah...sounds like fun!!
Ultimate Blog Party 2008 I would love to find some fun new blogs...and make some new blogger friends!! Maybe I will get some visitors too!?!?

PS: Sorry for any spelling errors....server won't let me spellcheck????

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


If you can't see my beautiful son, you can't see his beautiful face and loving eyes! You can't see that he has been through too much in 7 years for me to explain in one blog entry. His beautiful blue eyes that have seen too many hospitals and Dr's, and those eyes remain strong and stoic through it all. I took this picture of him over the weekend for my "live candid" album...and I saw it today on my laptop and thought it was perfect for this moment.

My beautiful boy is laying in a Hospital right now after a relatively simple procedure went off "equipment malfunction" has landed him in the middle of a health care crisis and landed us in one of the best hospitals in the Nation totally helpless and at the hands of fever, infection, and inanimate objects controlling our every move.

Scared and helpless are not two "of my favorite things" but strong and stoic are a tall order. I believe in the "Power of Positive" and the "Power of Prayer". Please pray for my baby, and if you want to leave him a message I will happily read it to him. We gain strength from the positive and just knowing that someone out there is thinking about you can give you that little extra that we sometimes need.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What? It's February???

I really don't know where the past couple of weeks have gone?? I love my blog, and I love sharing all the craziness of my world with could I have neglected you so??? Well, I have been "busy" trying to get things "done" the whole while with the family being plagued with the FLU!!! It is CRAZY!! We think we are done and then someone else comes down with it!!

I have done a few projects in the interim of boogers and chicken noodle soup! Look at this ADORABLE (if I do say so myself) "PUNK" themed outfit!! I LOVE the way it came out!! Too cute! I wish I could fit myself into those cute little pants!! No - that is not one of my little "adorables" wearing the outfit...she is a friends daughter and OH SO PRECIOUS!!! She was the picture perfect model for me!! This outfit is listed right now on ebay under the id KIDBOUTIQUE.
I did "this" beautiful book for my cousin's baby shower....what? You can't see the picture??? Oh, yeah...because I am the nimrod that forgot to take a picture of it!!! DUH! It was really pretty, all vintage and shabby chic looking! I loved it! I am really into Chipboard right now with my scrapbooks and am "feening" for some new chipboard albums and letters after working on this project!