Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer love

Some of my Many Loves of Summer....

Fresh Vegetables from our Garden...

"Fresh" Smelling Linens....

Picture Perfect Burgers from the Grill...

Fresh Flowers on the table from MY bushes and Gardens...

Fresh Fruit turned into a Yummy dessert!MMMMMM.....goood!

If Life could just slow down a bit so we could enjoy the long days of summer even more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Warp

I am living in a time warp...and not the cool fun kind where you get to dress in fun period clothing! The kind where Life and everything else takes place~ moves so fast you wonder when did that happen??? ~ The kind where your "baby" turns 13 and you have no idea where the time went????

My beautiful daughter turned 13! I can't believe it!! does that happen???? Where did that time go??? This was the hardest birthday for me, I didn't get all weird about my 25th, 30th, or 35th birthday! But, my baby turning 13...that did it for me! It also reminded me not to take time for granted.....easier said than done! I could go on and on about the reflective thoughts that I have had since this particular birthday but I won't do that to you!

Among other things she is becoming a beautiful Young many things to be proud of. She became a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Finished up her school year as an Honor Roll student - all four quarters, and made us SO Proud!

She Played another AWESOME season of softball. Her athletic talent, combined with her work ethic I am hoping will pay off in the form of an athletic scholarship.

Simple things make her very happy, little cake, a few presents, her family and she is a happy girl!

Hopefully it will be a little while before she becomes a total teenager...we are dealing a little with the attitude, but so far that is the only thing surfacing. No Boy craziness, no Fashion craziness...just a little attitude. Or BIG attitude depending on the day. I will take it over any of those other options.

I love you baby!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I can't believe that I haven't posted in a MONTH!! A whole MONTH!! I love my blog and the blog world and yet I have sorely neglected both! Life has been so FULL over the past couple of weeks that there has been barely enough time to breathe much less create and or post about it!!

In fact I have just returned home from our second appointment in Philadelphia in 2 weeks. You can catch up on that progress over here. However, I warn you it won't be updated until tomorrow...what can I say, I am trying but I feel my time here is going to be cut short!
I hear the kids all rustling around in the next room, they are supposed to be sleeping...but you know "liter mates" just want to roll all over, cuddle and annoy each other. I have come to decide that my kids are like a liter of puppies...

I can happily say and will say, that after this week our weeks and weekends will no longer be packed FULL of baseball games...YIPPEEE!!!!

My camera is FULL of pictures to post to my blog has been on my mind you see!!

My garden is FULL of growing vegetables...and except for a few patches of bush beans that the Princess decided to wreak havoc on.

My Staff is FULL at the store leaving me with some free time to be home with my soon as I get them all trained and feel like I can let "go" for a few minutes.

Life is a little stressful when it is FULL, but without a FULL life where would we be? BORED!

I can't wait to be bored....