Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy...busy...and lots of dirt

I missed my little has been a little crazy, a little busy but overall just good ole LIFE!! The weather finally broke and we had a great weekend, that was awesome. I love being able to get out and "do stuff"! We had our first night of outdoor movies. So fun, we love them...big huge sky full of stars, warm cozy fire and of course hearing our kids crack-up at whatever we are watching!

My arch Nemesis of life when Spring springs....DIRT! I love that things grow from the dirt that will then feed us all year long...but I REALLY hate dirt being in my car, my house and my washing machine! ughhhh.... and with all the rain we have had lately we have lots of MUD which is just clumpy dirt. Being a compulsive sweeper, the dirt keeps me busy!

Saturday was an all day Baseball Bonanza, 4 baseball games, 3 of our kids playing, and only 2 parents to make this happen?? We ended up only having 2 kids able to play, so we made the best of it....I was able to make it to Bree's first game...they ROCKed! They ended up losing, which was not so great but they played really well. She pitched all but two innings and it was in those two innings that the four runs were scored that flipped the score book.

This girl can play some ball. She amazes me, so strong and beautiful at the same time! Her daddy taught her well and I am pretty sure that his genetics make her all that more athletic! The last inning she pitched, she had 3 up and 3 down. I acted very excited when she told me, and then when I figured out what she was talking about...I was very excited for her! And then she came home all dusty and

She competed today in a Pitch, Hit and Run and is moving on to the Sectionals. I didn't see any other girls there and nobody would answer me about whether there were other girls competing...which usually means, NO. I have this weird thing about her competing with all the boys, because nobody likes to be beat by a Girl....and because I don't want her to be THAT girl that plays the boys know what I mean???? But in her defense she played boys baseball long before she was forced to play girls softball.

OK, bragging done...for now! Just kidding...

I missed the next game which was Jacobs game, I had to go to work...we were pretty busy at the shop - I HATE missing their games!

And today I was out and playing in the dirt myself! I got to plant 3/4 of my garden and moved some plants around in the backyard. I switch my plants around like I switch my wardrobes around....this frustrates my husband to no end! But I LOVE it.... The robins were following me around like I was their new BFF....I kept bringing all the big fat worms to the surface...sorry worms!

We played in the "poopy dirt" as Lily called it. She helped, hopefully they grow...hopefully there are still seeds in there...

See my handy little grid there....that is so my husband doesn't get all crazy with the tomatoes again this year!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Remember when you were younger and if you did all your chores and kept yourself in line all week you got a little spending cash at the end of the week??? Mine was also known as a "paycheck"...I have worked ever since I can remember!! Well, at least since I was 14 or 15?? I never really had an allowance growing up- and I am pretty sure that this is why.....

Because I really, REALLY want to blow my allowance this week on this beauty right here!!!

Now as a grown woman with four kids who works very hard every day...I have an allowance! We aren't taking paychecks right now - and "with the economy these days" (the most loathed and frequently used words in my vocabulary right now!) I have put myself on a little, very little allowance! And, I am not too proud to admit it! lol....

I am becoming a firm believer in this "allowance" makes you think very carefully about what you need....or maybe you just want it??

And right now, I think that I NEED that fancy little shrug to serve the fanciest coffee in all of Deale!!

I have given the kids a $5 weekly allotment/allowance to use either on the school store, to buy lunch, or a little trinket that they want. is Monday - they got their allowance last night and my oldest promptly bought herself the BIGGEST, most GI-NORMOUS candy bar that the grocery store had. Seriously.....where does she get such decision making skills??? Allowance - Blown!

Shrug and an entire collection of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - GORGEOUS - ROMANTIC lovelies are available from Bonzie on Etsy!! I really, really want about 6 different pieces that she has!!!