Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy little Knitter

I have added to my Craft Craziness with a new habit. I have been learning to knit for the past couple of months with a knitting 101 class that we have been doing at the shop. It is really fun! More than just knitting - it is great girl time! It is really the only opportunity to hang out with any girlfriends that I get and I love it!

As with all new crafting there are accessories! I was getting frustrated with the needles falling out all the time so I started looking for something cute to put them in. I found some online and in a knitting store....not paying that much $$ for something I can make in no time....and without having to buy anything to make them. So I made everyone one! They were well received and I am glad that everyone liked them. I of course gave mine to my daughter so I need to make myself another......what is that saying about the cobblers child with no shoes??

I made them in a roll-up style. Super simple!!

This picture with no needles doesn't really "showcase" the case....but it is effective!

And this pretty little baby sat with me the entire time....I forgot how fun it was to sew with a small child on my lap. She has been sick again with the snotty crud so I made a little corner in our office - that connects to the craft room hoping that she would sit and read books, color, etc. I was dreaming.....

I am not sure why all the babies have to be naked, but they do....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're Stalking me...

I have a weird fear - ridiculously -nonsensical (yes that is a word to me) - serious fear - of Squirrels. I know plenty of people who think they are just soooo cute...but not me. Sometimes I think, OK, maybe they are a little cute....and then I see them gnawing on a nut and I revert back to the fear thing.

How? or Why? You might be mother did it...she made me terrified of them! She used to tell me that if I went to the edge of our yard, which was close to the corner of the main road in our neighborhood the squirrels would get me. They would bite me....there you have it...fear implanted in my young little brain!!

Yes, I know that I should be able to not be scared of a furry little creature, but lets face it. They can be frightening. We have all seen Chevy Chase's Christmas movie...that squirrel came flying out of that tree with vengeance! And what about those flying squirrels?? I have seen documentary film on them...they are flippen scary! What about how they run towards the road and then head back to the side and then back into the road...taunting you...are you going to swerve or are you going to hit me and if you hit me won't you feel horrible for the rest of the day!! And if you could see them running about in my back yard, up and down the trees...I promise you I actually saw one throw another off a tree! Promise you....

So why this rambling rant about squirrels??? Well this morning when I opened the blinds...there one was sitting right in front of me! Scared me to death!! Then one of the first Etsy shops I went to this morning...more squirrels...and another...squirrels!!!

I have to admit...I do think these little squirrels are pretty cute. I don't think I want to eat my eggs out of them, but they are very cute.

And these might appear to be harmless....but look closely, they look a little mischievous...

I hope that BROOKLNYrehab doesn't mind me showing you her cute little squirrels....maybe I need a little rehab over this squirrel thing!

And check this guy out...he is quite fetching, but I think you'll understand why he frightens me a bit! I mean, he is after all the King of Squirrels!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Technilogical Breakdown

I am on the verge of panic....not only do I not have use of my laptop....but now my keyboard on my harddrive has DIED!!! I am now secluded to using the shops computer and really I am supposed to be working...lots of coffee needing to be served!!!

I am now off to find the necessary equipment to get myself back on-line!

Wish me luck....four kids, husband and trying to buy computer equipment!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Off my Access

...I am totally like a fish out of water without my laptop!!! The power cord on my laptop died last week and I have been completely in the dark without it! We still have our "big" computer upstairs but I feel out of touch on it...all my "favorites" are stored on my can I be expected to surf the web for hours when I should be sleeping without all my favorite blogs to read and sites to shop??? That laptop has important shop information I need and more than I thought I did..and most patterns for new found hobby.... I am going through withdraws here!!!

Right now I am using my darling daughters laptop but the keyboard is the size of a note card so it is impossible to type on without wiping everything out at least 3 times....I have already done it twice, so wish me luck on the rest of this post!

Oh by the like the new "skinny" blog??? Megan is awesome over at Knuckleheaders, I highly recommend you use her. As soon as I can get more than one tab open at a time I will put a little button over there on the side.

Have a great night...I am going to pout all the way to bed about my power cord.....